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Build a Figaro Knowledge Base easily.

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Figaro is a programming language used and created by EDF for the safety studies software suite KB3.

FigaroIDE is a stand-alone IDE project dedicated to Figaro, elaborated with the need of a KB3 user in mind.

FigaroIDE covers all of the mandatory and optional input for KB3.

FigaroIDE is used throughout the whole creation of a knowledge base as it's used when:

  • writing Figaro rules describing the behavior of every element of the described system,
  • drawing a graphical representation of the system's types,
  • establishing a choice tree or viewing options for KB3,
  • setting treatment models,
  • building views.

FigaroIDE opens on a standard text-editing tool, used to set basic structure of a knowledge base (types, classes, interfaces and first and foremost, rules) using Figaro. Figaro being a intricate language, FigaroIDE offers several helpers:

  • a contextual help menu inside the text editor.
  • a pre-processor to show the effect of writen code directly inside the list of types and classes,
  • a processor assessing the code's validity and notifying the user of found errors.

Using the editor, the user defines types, classes and their rules.

The types defined in Figaro are then edited to be assigned connectors and two graphical representations : one icon for KB3 tree of options, the other, a vectorial image, appears on the system graph. The last one can be drawn directly inside FigaroIDE with the adapted editor.

Objects can be hidden on the final graphic, either by setting their display options, or by using layers.

FigaroIDE also covers advanced options such as deducted objects algorithm edition or setting naming conventions.